Our Reading Program Impresses Moms!


Jennifer is a mom who signed her child for Reading Kingdom and was quickly pleased with the many positive results our reading program provided.

Here’s what she thinks:

“I am very impressed with the comprehensive English Language Arts that Reading Kingdom supports. It’s more than just phonics and whole language that I see with other programs. I love the comprehension, keyboarding, vocabulary building, and grammar! This is great for training ears to listen.

Tori saw, read, heard, and typed the symbols, letters, and words. Complete learning.

The instructions say for the parent or teacher not to help the student, but I did direct her a bit with mouse use and location of keys on the keyboard so she didn’t just shut down and not try anymore.

Tori often completes two or more lessons each day. I get emailed a report of her progress. It’s been slow going since she didn’t do as well as I expected on the eval. But that also means she’s reviewing and will be able to move forward to greater success… Tori was tickled by the graphics at the end of exercises and would holler what the different ones were to all of us. The bullseye is a favorite.” – Jennifer Lambert

If you’re looking for the perfect reading program to use as a supplement, or standalone curriculum, sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom.

Just like this mom, you’ll quickly discover why kids love Lingo and company.  We’ll see you soon!