Reading Software Creates Resolve for Reluctant Readers!

Our reading software is designed as a game to get help foster a love for reading in even the most hesitant children.  Sherrie is a mom whose son “tries to beg off of reading books”, so she thought that Reading Kingdom would be a perfect fit.  Here’s what she had to say:

“My boy loved the Reading Kingdom!  He drew a crowd every time he played because he was so animated right along with the characters on the screen.  He would play but his brothers would watch intently.  He adored the owl mascot and would repeatedly say, “I love that birdie!”   Sometimes he was asked to use the mouse to click letters while other times he had to find certain letters on the keyboard.  If there was a word created by his efforts, a voice would pronounce the word followed by applause.  After each correct answer there is a little cartoon display which he enjoyed immensely.

This was like a game to my son – which was wonderful!

There were tons of options from using an on-screen keyboard or an attached keyboard to increasing the response time for the child.  The ability to tell where your child was in the program as well as to see how well they were progressing was achieved with little icons and tickers-easy to use at a glance.  You can even use it on an iPad!

My opinion?  We loved Reading Kingdom!”  — Sherrie Cook

If you have a reluctant reader, sign up for a free 30 day trial to let them learn to read while they think they’re playing a game.  Our reading software is designed with short attention spans in mind to keep children captivated through the entire program.  We’ll see you soon!