5 Reasons How Reading Software Helps Teach A Child To Read

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How do you teach a child to read? Reading books out loud to your child is one way to impart a love of reading and it can also help your child learn to read. But to truly teach a child to read it’s best to have him or her undertake a reading curriculum. An online reading curriculum, such as the Reading Kingdom online reading program, has many advantages over a print reading curriculum.

Here are 5 Reasons How Reading Software Helps Teach A Child To Read:

Your child can learn at his/her own rate
There’s no need to be stuck with waiting while other kids are catching up or falling behind because he or she can’t keep up with the group’s pace.

Your child can hear the words
This means that your child can link the sound of the word with sight of the word that’s printed on the screen. This is never possible with just a paper and pencil.

Your child can see the meaning
Paper and pencil program can basically depict only nouns. Computer graphics with animation can depict verbs.

Your child can have stories come to life
Reading software online lets your child see what the characters are doing in various scenes.

Your child can get immediate correction of errors

Getting immediate corrections is absolutely best way to learn. Getting a corrected worksheet back even an hour later (let alone a day or two later) can never have this power.

If you would like to try an award-winning reading software online that fully customizes itself to your child and has helped thousands of children to learn to read and write to a third grade level, sign up for the Reading Kingdom’s 30 day free trial today.