Recommendations: If your child likes comics, here’s a book list to help navigate the shelves

By Karen MacPherson / The Washington Post

Parents: If you’re unfamiliar with the breadth and depth of kids’ comics these days, here’s a list to get you started. First, a trio of widely acclaimed comics:


By Raina Telgemeier


Ask any children’s librarian and they’ll tell you that “Raina reigns.” “Smile” is a memoir detailing the years-long dental drama that began when Telgemeier fell and broke her front teeth as a preteen. But it’s the friendship story woven into the text that draws both boys and girls.Telgemeier has written two other memoirs, “Sisters” and the recently published “Guts.” In addition, she wrote and illustrated the first three “Baby-Sitters Club” graphic novels and “Drama,” a fictionalized version of her experiences in her middle school’s drama club. The Beat, a comics blog, recently named her “The Comics Industry Person of the Decade” for her role in creating the current boom in comics for kids.

“New Kid”

By Jerry Craft

(Quill Tree)

This newly minted winner of the Newbery Medal is a novel about the experiences of an African American middle-schooler, Jordan Banks, as he moves to a private school. There, Jordan is one of the few students of color, and Craft deftly uses a mix of humor and drama to detail the micro- and macro-aggressions Jordan experiences as he tries to fit in and make friends.

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