Recommended book for kids to read: Touch Blue

Touch Blue
by Cynthia Lord is a recommended book for kids to read. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• Chosen by Independent Booksellers as a Top Ten book on the Autumn 2010 Kids’ Indie Next List.
• Editor’s Pick in Adoptive Families magazine.
• Written in the first person, readers get to know the main character’s thoughts and feelings.
• Click here to learn about Cynthia Lord’s visit to Frenchboro, the real island that took in foster children.
• If your child is dealing with any fears of death, there is one short scene where they discuss drowning.


With a small island in Maine as the beautifully described backdrop, this touching story conveys a message of compassion and kindness. Eleven year-old Tess, daughter of a lobster fisherman, loves her life on the small island of Bethsaida but everything she values may be in jeopardy. Several families have moved to the mainland and the state of Maine will shut down the island school that Tess attends unless they bring in some more students to replace those that left. For Tess, shutting down the school means more than just having to go to school on the mainland. It means she will have to move there too. Her mom is the one and only teacher there, and if the school shuts down, they will have to leave the island so that she can get a new job. She is quite superstitious, as you will see from the names of the chapters (i.e. “touch blue and your wish will come true” or “a redhead on a boat is unlucky”) but realizes that it will take more than her lucky pennies to save her school. The local Reverend actually comes up with a possible solution when he suggests bringing 5 foster children to the island to live with local families. They would secure the school and help some children in need, at the same time.”

Have your children read Touch Blue? What did they think of the book?

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