Recommended Books for Kids: Grandpa Green

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Stories like Grandpa Green by Lane Smith are great books for kids.  Melissa Young from Sweet on Books explains why:

What You Need to Know:
Grandpa Green is a stunning work of art and a beautiful study of family and love.
• This story will resonate with anyone whose family has begun to age: and isn’t that all of us?
• This extraordinary story creates a bridge between the grandchild and grandparent generation; giving voice to the importance of that bond and giving concrete proof Grandpa or Grandma had rich, full lives before they came to cherish their grandchildren.

Lane Smith seems to be looking for the meaning of life while creating picture books, and lucky for us readers, we get to go on the journey with him. Last year, in his spectacular It’s A Book, Smith tried to make sense of our obsession with electronics. In Grandpa Green, he tackles dignity in aging (and possibly Alzheimers) through this impossibly beautiful and moving story that is perfectly pitched for a young audience.

The story tracks Grandpa Green’s life as told by his young great-grandchild and his garden. We find out Grandpa was born (a really long time ago!), grew up on a farm, wanted to study horticulture but went to war instead, met his future wife and had many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Our narrator tells us Grandpa forgets things now. But all the important things he remembers through his family and his garden.

The story and the illustrations are just so touching. Young children are connected to their grandparents and great-grandparents always through their love for one another. The grandparents have the benefit of life experience when they look and marvel at their grandchildren; our children are missing that frame of reference due to their youth. Grandpa Green can give children a little of that perspective. Grandpa Green’s story enlightens and reminds children that their grandparents had full, rich lives before and will impart a new level of respect between grandchild and grandparent.

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