Recommended Reading for Kids: Dinosaur Hunters

Dinosaur Hunters by Kate McMullan, is one of the Reading Kingdom’s recommended books for kids. Reading expert and Reading Kingdom creator, Dr. Marion Blank explains why:

Even in high tech age, few topics are as fascinating to children as are dinosaurs. They may not have a sense of the millions of years that exist between the dinosaurs’ disappearance and our appearance, but they do sense that these amazing creatures hold invaluable information.

The book helps them grasp many key components of that information—from the fact that less than 200 years ago, nobody knew that dinosaurs had ever existed to the misreading of what the discovery of the initial fossils represented and ultimately to the explorations that led to the identification of the many kinds of dinosaurs and where they lived.  Without every using the term, this book serves as a wonderful historical survey of paleontology that will help children grasp scientific reasoning.

The story also offers an interesting human angle through anecdotes about paleontologists’ eccentricities and errors.

To read the book independently, a child’s reading skills should be about fourth grade level; to listen to the book, children should be about seven to eight years of age.

Have your children read Dinosaur Hunters? What did they think of the book?

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