Reluctant Reader Discovers Hidden Love for Reading


Jennifer is a mom whose son is a reluctant reader.  After he started Reading Kingdom, his whole world changed.

Here’s Jennifer’s story:

I had my seven-year old go through the evaluation process the first day and then we worked five days a week on the program using it as a summertime reading review and then as a supplement to his reading program when our school year resumed.

My opinion of the program:

The lessons were concise and seemed to adjust to ability levels. My son never complained about doing his lesson. I liked that the lessons were also reinforcing capitalization and punctuation rules by requiring the student to add them to the sentences that they formed throughout the lessons.

I loved the reader reports that helped me see my son’s performance and improvement throughout the course of the review. The animations were cute and kept the material from being boring.

If you have a reluctant reader like me, a child struggling with reading or an eager beginning reader, you should really check out what Reading Kingdom has to offer. It may be just the thing you need to help your kids succeed in reading.

Help your child succeed right now. Sign up for a free 30 day trial; Reading Kingdom will ensure your child learns the skills he or she needs at the appropriate pace.