Homeschool Reviewer Shoutout

Each Friday we’re featuring reviews of homeschooling moms using the Reading Kingdom with their children. Click the their names to visit their blogs, and be sure to follow our Reading Kingdom Twitter list featuring some of our homeschooling parents.

“My son Connor loved Reading Kingdom from the start. The combination of computer time, cute animated animals, fun sounds, and tons of encouragement and praise made for reading instruction that seemed more like playtime than work, and for an active, seven-year-old boy who would much rather play than read, that’s a good thing. Connor looked-forward to his “Reading Kingdom time” every day, sometimes twice a day, and over the past few weeks his reading has improved. He is recognizing words from Reading Kingdom in books we read at bedtime, but more than anything, he is reading with more confidence, and a more confident beginning reader is a more willing beginning reader; and a more willing reader is a more practiced, better reader! In Connor’s own words, “Mommy, I can READ!” Jennifer McQuillan

“My son has enjoyed doing the program and his motor coordination on the keyboard and mouse have improved. My daughter has also enjoyed using the program. For children who have struggled with traditional methods of reading instruction, this may be just the program they need. Reading Kingdom can also be a valuable supplement to other reading programs to help learn words that do not follow phonetic rules. And after some initial guidance from the parent, children will be able to use the program independently which helps boost their confidence in learning.” Jill Stanish

“The animations and colorful graphics kept his interest to the point of giggles sometimes. The confidence and pride he is taking in these daily lessons only encourages a love for reading…I can’t wait to see where these lessons take him over the next year!” Amber Hockman

“Honestly I cannot say enough good things about this reading program. All five of my younger children have absolutely loved it. They fight over who’s turn it is to use it. Then come and tell when so and so is doing it longer than just one lesson. It’s comical really. Even my almost 3 year old loves it. She isn’t doing much besides learning to use the mouse and keyboard but I’m ok with that for now. It’s a valuable skill in and of itself. My 4 and 6 year old have mastered using the mouse through this program and have now moved on to typing skills. My 2 older kids 7 and 8 have moved onto letter land and are learning a ton. Even my son who is dyslexic seems to be doing well with it. The best thing about this program in my opinion is that it actually customizes the program to your child making it neither too hard nor too easy. I’ve not seen another program that does that.” Angel Morris

“An animal lover, the Princess’ very favorite part of Reading Kingdom has been the sweet Owl friend that serves as a guide to see her through the program. She enjoys working on Reading Kingdom each day — and does so without a fuss. We have been blessed with its addition to our daily schedule and I am seeing results as her reading skills come into “season.” Best of all, SHE is seeing results and that makes all the difference in the world.” Lynn McInnis