Sea Monster’s First Day

Sea Monster’s First Day is the perfect book for children who are nervous about the first day of school.  The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What you need to know:

• Sea Monster’s First Day is the perfect read aloud as your little scholar starts school.
• Author Kate Messner uses warmth and humor to reassure even the most tentative student in this charming
• Unsure older siblings will also benefit from this entertaining and comforting tale.
• This is a great book share with your child to introduce a conversation about his/her feelings about the beginning of a
new school year.

Sweet Book Summary:

Ernest the Sea Monster is just that: earnest and LARGE! He is thrilled to be starting school, but given that he is the only Sea Monster of his size in his “neck of the sea”, the other, smaller fish aren’t quite sure what to do with him. For instance, when playing Marco Polo, he scares the other fish. Additionally, none of the other fish are big enough to push him on the swing. What’s a Sea Monster to do? Ernest begins to feel sad; he feels like everybody is already part of a group that he hasn’t been invited into yet. But Ernest perseveres, and with a little imagination and determination he begins to make friends, have fun and eventually ends up having a great time at school.

Kudos to Messner for writing a charming, gentle story that entertains and reassures the skeptical student. Kudos, also, to illustrator Andy Rash who has managed to make a Sea Monster look cuddly and very appealing! Children who are looking forward to the first day of school will be entertained by this clever, witty story. Children who are wary of their first day of school will be encouraged by Sea Monster’s experience; his sincere tenacity is heart-warming. Whichever way your child is feeling, this is the perfect book to read during this first week of school!

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