See Jane Learn to Read!

learn to read

Mary is a mom who recently discovered Reading Kingdom for her daughter Jane.  After watching her learn to read with our fun reading program for kids, here’s what she had to say:

“What if learning was fun? Sort of like a rainy day activity on the computer to keep them busy?

I recently had the pleasure of testing out a new online computer game called Reading Kingdom. This award winning software is geared towards helping kids 4-10 learn to read and write at a 3rd grade level. It was perfect for my little Jane and she loved it.

The program is designed to allow kids to use it all on their own.  All you need to do is sign them up for an account and the program will walk them through the rest. I sat for awhile and watched Jane use the Reading Kingdom game just to make sure she didn’t need my help. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she picked up on skills like typing, spelling and reading. It was her first time using the software and she looked like an old pro. The best part of the service was that after she was done I could go in and review her progress report. This way I could see what she needs to work on and what she was excelling in without hovering over her and making her nervous.

From what I saw during my time “hovering” is that this game looks fun. It was full of moving characters, a cute little owl and lots of praise for a job well done.” – Mary Hitchings

Your kids can learn to read on their own as well!  To get them started on the path to literacy success, just sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom and they’ll be reading with Lingo and company in no time!