Small Town Robot

​BIG world ideas

Greenbush, Minnesota is about as far away from the “big city” as you can get. One look at the minuscule main street and you might think you’ve got the farming town figured out, but take another look.

Hundreds of miles from the big funders and large corporations, this town of 719 people has consistently come together, fundraised, and fielded a high school robotics team that goes head-to -head and heart-to heart with the world.

But it’s not just about competing at the global championships. It may well be a good start to changing how the world works. You see, every team wants to win, but they are also judged on their ability to cooperate with each other’s teams. Compete and cooperate.


We follow the GMR Gators team 5172 into the world arena and see what it takes to be a robotic David in a Goliath world.​

A documentary short.

See the film here.