Surprising Pros & Cons of a Late Kindergarten Start

By Melissa Heckscher for

You may or may not be ready for your baby to go to kindergarten—but when the time comes, when is the best age for your budding scholar to take the leap? For kids who have summer birthdays or tots who just aren’t ready for the social or (yes) academic constraints of kindergarten—waiting an extra year may be a good option. But does holding your kid back pay off? We got experts and parents like you to weigh in on the subject.

The PROS of Delaying Kindergarten

Your kid will (probably) be more willing to sit still if given an extra year.
Whether or not your five-year-old will sit still during circle time or stay on task at writing centers may actually depend on her age, since younger children generally have a harder time doing both. Studies have shown that kids are often misdiagnosed with behavior problems in kindergarten when in fact the behaviors were just a matter of being younger than classmates. And, according to this Standford University study, children who wait a year to enroll have significantly lower levels of inattention and hyperactivity—with results continuing even at age 11.

An older child will probably have an easier time saying goodbye to you.
Younger kids—especially those who haven’t already attended a preschool program—may have a tougher time saying goodbye in the morning (and we all know how hard it is to leave a tearful tot at drop-off). Giving your child more time to become independent may help her let go when it’s time for the school day to start.

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