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The Better Man

Some spoken word I enjoy. Publisher Felix Dennis’ odes to vice and consequences

An old man shares his life story with his young grandchild (video)

In this moving 3d animation, an old man shares his life story with his young grandchild. The Piano Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen Watch more at Aniboom

How can you not say “aww”?

One of many photographs in his “The Animals” series by amazing photographer, Yann Arthus Bertrand. Visit his site to see more in this series and to view his marvelous “Earth From Above” series

Art to make you feel (good)

This piece of digital art by Chris Jordan “depicts the names of one million organizations around the world that are devoted to peace, environmental stewardship, social justice, and the preservation of diverse and indigenous culture. The actual number of such organizations is unknown, but estimates range between one and two million, and growing.” Go to the site, click on the…

Angelic soprano from an extraordinary choir

This is a still from composer and conductor Eric Whitacre’s sensationally popular video of 185 voices from 12 countries joining a choir that spans the globe in a piece called “Lux Aurumque.” Eric Whitacre and his team merged hundreds of tracks individually recorded and posted to YouTube. Watch this beautiful video.

Chicky Mama from “A Moment in Time”

“A Moment in Time” – The New York Times’ cool photo, video and visual journalism project which depicts Earth, “covered by stack of thousands of virtual photographs, corresponding in location to where they were taken by Lens readers” on Sunday May 2, 2010. Ready to try the Reading Kingdom program with your kids? Try our free 3o-day trial for our…