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Ask Reading Kingdom: What is the biggest challenge in teaching ESL students?

Angela (educator) asks: What do you feel is the biggest challenge when teaching ESL students? Dr. Marion Blank (Reading Kingdom founder) answers: The issues surrounding ESL (English as a Second Language), or ELL (English language learners) play a huge role in our nation’s educational system.  The numbers have been steadily rising. In 2010, 10 percent, or an estimated 4.7 million…

Reading Kingdom Teaches Reading Right!

Mayla is a mom who has found the benefits of how our unique approach teaches reading to children.  Here’s what she thinks: “It is recommended that each student spend 4 days a week on the program to see the benefits. This was no problem for [my son] Mr. R. He would ask almost every day to do his Reading Kingdom….

What Is Reading? It’s About Time We Figured It Out

Despite all the attention that reading garners, parents and educators frequently don’t have a clear understanding of what real reading entails. Reading Kingdom founder Dr. Marion Blank explains why, and how to remedy this problem: “The reading problems in our nation have been reported for decades. Far less well-documented is the fact that we are in no better shape in…