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Predicting Dyslexia — Even Before Children Learn to Read

Sixth-grader Josh Thibeau has been struggling to read for as long as he can remember. He has yet to complete a single Harry Potter book, his personal goal. When he was in first grade, Josh’s parents enrolled him in a research study at Boston Children’s Hospital investigating the genetics of dyslexia. Since then, Josh has completed regular MRI scans of…

Learning to Understand Dyslexia

The Fairmont Sentinel shares more about learning to understand dyslexia: Thsi is is wriat a learning-disadleb chilb often has to conteb with when atteqting to need a dook. Tjew ord sare n otsp aced cor rect ly. We spell wrds xatle az tha snd. Sometimesallthelettersarepushedtogether. TRUMAN- These are samples of what people with dyslexia see when they try to read….

How Early Can Dyslexia Be Identified?

Dyslexia is most often diagnosed around the third grade level, but the earlier it can be identified the better. Fran (teacher) asks: Can we identify dyslexia before third grade? If so, how do we do that? If so, are we doing that? If we aren’t, why not? Reading Kingdom founder, Dr. Marion Blank answers: “There are simple methods that can…