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Ask Reading Kingdom: What key tips/advice would you give to new teachers?

Judy (Educator) asks: What key tips/advice would you share for new teachers to keep in mind? Dr. Marion Blank answers: Whether they are familiar with the term or not, new teachers are well-versed in the psychology of edutainment; that is, the idea that the content of any teaching should be designed not simply to educate but to entertain as well….

10 Awesome Rules for Students and Teachers

Humans throughout history have created countless rules – and many times they are confusing or conflicting.  That’s why it’s great when you find some rules to follow that really work. Here are 10 very awesome (and creative) rules for students and teachers: “Schools are one of the most regulated places on Earth. Sometimes, this aspect can be tough for students,…

All the colors of learning!

A popular theory in early education is that a child can be positively influenced by a vibrant and colorful environment. Educators are exploring how this concept affects children and our friends at Timbuktu show a great example: “We have spoken before about the good influence colors can have on children. It seems pretty intuitive: life is way better when you…