Teach Children to Read Through Play!

teach children to read

The best way to teach children to read is to let them think they’re playing a game.  Krista found significant differences in her children’s language skills once she used the Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she had to say about our online reading program and game:

“The program loads right from an Internet browser, so you have very little wait and load times, which is great for impatient little ones.  It features cute animals and that talk directly with the child, walking her through each step of the process. While I was using this primarily as a skill developer for Miss Goose, I did let Miss LadyBug (who has just turned 4) take it for a spin and found that she was able to easily follow the owl’s directions and picked up quickly how to use the mouse and keyboard via those direction with little to no input from me or her dad.  Miss Goose, who was the primary user of this program, LOVES it.  She thinks it is just a computer game and does not even realize that she is ‘doing work’ or learning/honing skills.  Reading Kingdom is a complete reading program.  What I mean by that is, it does not only teach reading sounds, or comprehension – but also dives into grammar, context (and understanding the meaning of something!), sequencing and even fine motor skills.  We have had her “play” Reading Kingdom several times per week since we received it.  Her reading and spelling skills have had marked improvement – she is even reading signs on billboards now as we drive by!  I have also noticed that when she reads to us at night, she is reading with context – so if she does not know a word, she looks to the other words to figure out what that one she does not know, could be.

We are Reading Kingdom endorsers, for sure! This product is great for children to start the reading process, improve or maintain skills and even help a child that has fallen behind, to catch up.  I would recommend this program to anyone with kids in 4-10 age range – not only does it entertain and delight children, but also teaches them!” – Krista Bainbridge

You’ll be just as impressed as Krista when you use our online reading program and game to teach children to read.  We’re giving you the first 30 days of Reading Kingdom for FREE, sign up today!