Teach Your Child to Read at Home with Reading Software

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Are you teaching your child to read at home with Reading Kingdom? Jennie Yuen from Baby Brandon’s Adventures has signed her son up at Reading Kingdom and here’s what she has to say about our reading software so far:

“What we both like about the program that first caught our eyes were the cute, animated illustrations. Brandon recognizes and remembers the little owl wearing reading glasses and he asks me to set it up for him to play. Reading Kingdom makes learning fun and it’s like a game for Brandon….He just loves learning and playing (especially on my computer now).  This is the most excellent online learning & reading program I’ve tried.”

— Jennie Yuen

If you’re teaching your child to read at home, use the only program that has the six skills needed for literacy success. Reading Kingdom has helped thousands of children read up to the third grade level. Sign up today and receive your first 30 days FREE!