Teaching Children To Read

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Teaching children to read is one of the basics in our education system. Reading is the single most important skill a child will ever learn. All educational success is dependent on it. How can our children learn history, appreciate literature, and grasp complicated mathematical and scientific concepts if they can’t read? Really, reading is a NECESSITY.

But did you know there are flaws in the traditional methods used for teaching our children to read? Why is this? What are the flaws? And how can we combat these flaws?

Current reading education typically teaches children to read using a phonics approach, a whole language approach, or a combination of the two. But the simple fact is that the vast majority of words in the English language cannot be sounded out.

To put it simply, if phonics worked as advertised it would be spelled “foniks.”

So what is the answer?

The answer is the Reading Kingdom, a reading and writing system that uses a model of reading instruction that incorporates elements of phonics and whole language while teaching additional skills required for reading and writing success without requiring kids to learn any complicated rules.

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