Teaching to read opens up the world!

Lisa is a mom who is teaching her kids to read with Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she thinks about how children can learn to love reading using our unique approach.

“Teaching our children to read is the most important thing we can teach them. If a child can read with understanding it opens up the world to them… Alaina is 7 and she has been using Reading Kingdom. The program is very user friendly, and Alaina has no problems using it on her own. She really enjoys using this program, and she is usually asking to do a lesson early in the day. She really likes the passport & enjoys working her way to the reward. If she does not answer in a timely manner the program will show her what she is supposed to be doing.” – Lisa McClanahan

We encourage you to sign up for a free 30 day trial. Join the thousands of proud parents and educators who see the positive change Reading Kingdom creates in lives of their children.