Teaching to read with six skills advances learning by leaps and bounds

Reading Kingdom creates merry moms and glad dads.  Add in elated educators teaching with our program and you’ve got an abundance of appreciative adults!

Jessy is the latest mom to see how our online learning program is teaching to read. Her son is happy to learn and she is just as happy to see the learning occur.

“The combination of learning through word puzzles, spelling, reading, and phonics with word processing has my son, Balsam Fir learning by leaps-and-bounds. I have been QUITE impressed with the learning going on in this program! Would Balsam Fir and I recommend this? Yep!” – Jessy Gaffen, Our Side of the Mountain

Jessy is fostering a love for literacy in her children and you can too by getting started with a free 30 day trial of our interactive reading software. Join the thousands of parents seeing a better way to teach kids how to read. We’ll see you at the Reading Kingdom soon!