The 98 Year Old Prolific Toy Inventor Who Designed 800 of the World’s Most Iconic Toys and Games

By Lori Dorn for

Filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb has created “Eddy’s World”, a short film about her 98 year old father Eddy. Eddy Goldfarb is known as one of the most prolific toymakers and designed such iconic designs as “Yakity Yak Wind Up Teeth”, “Battling Tops”, “KerPlunk”, and “Chutes Away” just to name a few. Goldfarb created a mind-blowing 800 original toys throughout his very long career as a toy designer, which he began designed while he was still in the military.

an intimate portrait of a 98 year old working toy inventor whose creativity and curiosity keep him young and healthy. This documentary short brings together stories of toys and stories of life in one engaging personal journey.

The film has since become part of the New Yorker documentary series.

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