The Best National Parks to Visit—Virtually

By Kate Welsh for

The great Wallace Stegner once called America’s national parks “the best idea we ever had,” and we couldn’t agree more. Equal parts meditative and mind-blowing, these magnificent wildlands somehow make us feel our most humbly—and gratefully—human. They’re our gift to ourselves and our truest escape, whether for a solitary hike or an eight-person family vacation.

And though, for now, we may not be able to visit them in person, we can remember past trips and look forward to future visits with these breathtaking virtual tours, some led by rangers—others self-guided. So set aside your puzzle-making and your Netflix queue and get back to nature (from a distance) with these 12 digital national park tours.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Only by Alaskan standards could this qualify as small (it’s the state’s smallest national park, in fact). At more than 1000 square miles, Kenai Fjords is home to dozens of glaciers, almost 200 bird species and an amazing array of land mammals. See: hoary marmots, northern bog lemmings and the five resident species of shrew (!). And did we mention the wolverines? On your guided virtual tour, you can kayak through Bear Glacier lagoon and climb into a glacial crevasse—you know, for practice, until you get there in person.

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