The Colors of Us

Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• The Colors of Us is a gorgeous celebration of cultural individuality.
• This picture book would make a great read aloud for all ages.

SweetBook Summary:
A young girls’ comment, “Brown is brown, Mom”, brings about a beautiful story of individuality and the celebration of all our different skin colors. It’s a story that goes beyond the usual black and white. Its message is we are all gorgeous shades from honey to cinnamon to chocolate brown.  Katz’s descriptions are all food-related, allowing young children to relate what they know (food) to what they don’t (race relations). This book is a paradigm shift from the usual cultural primers. It opens our eyes to the diversity among us in a new way. The illustrations are bold and eye-catching. Children and adults can always benefit by being reminded we are all the same on the inside and marvelously different on the outside, while simultaneously enjoying a wonderful story.

Author: Karen Katz Illustrator: Karen Katz Published: 2002, 32 pages
Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Diversity, Ethnicity/Culture, Family Life, and Individuality

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