This Mom’s Excited for “The Help” This Summer

I read The Help, by Katheryn Stockett, last summer and am very excited to see the movie  on the big screen this August. Reading The Help, I could not put it down!  I felt like I made friends with the characters.

You see, I haven’t read a lot in the past 5 years. I have two babies… who aren’t really babies anymore, and now I am finding I have more time for pleasure reading. When a friend recommended The Help to me, I was excited to get back into reading – something I enjoyed a lot before I got too busy with kids.

I read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen this past fall not knowing there was a movie in the works.  The book was recommended, and I am glad it was as I would have never picked it for myself.  I saw the movie and like most books to film, there were some details left out and some scenes that didn’t play out like they did in my imagination.  But I will say the movie had some shots that were just beautiful.  I would challenge anyone who claims this is a chick flick.  The story has some very gruesome and dark scenes.

What are your favorite books that made it to the big screen? Will you be watching “The Help” this summer?



Cary Heise is a self-proclaimed Stay at Home Rock Star Mom to two boys and lives in North Carolina.  Cary is the founder of Social Butterflies, an online guide to local kid and family events in the Raleigh, NC.  She also has a tee shirt business for “Stay at Home Rock Star” moms and dads, and believes that if a fun and if a simple shirt makes you feel good about yourself and lifts your spirits, awesome!

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