Can you believe this story was written by a 9 year old?

Each year thousands of children submit short stories to the BBC 500 words competition. The Gold Winners submission by Roxanna Toyne, aged 9


2013 GOLD WINNER – 9 Years Old & Under


The Starlings of West Pier

The further I trudged down the deserted beach away from my parents, the unhappier I felt. The weather matched my mood – cloudy, gloomy, miserable. I was still in the dark clothes I had worn to my beloved Granny’s funeral. We had been too fond of each other to part, and she had died before I could say goodbye. The more I thought about it, the more I felt a sob well up in my soul.

I stopped, and looked across the darkening waters of the English Channel. The West Pier stood in the bay, black and rusty. My Granny had told me stories of her past, when the pier was new and beautiful and she had danced in the great ballroom. I tried to picture it now – beautifully decorated. The furniture, elegant, vintage designs. The dancers, gliding around, waltzing without a care in the world. And my Granny, a little girl like me, dancing through the legs of the adults, smiling and free . But all that is left of the pier now is a steel skeleton, all its history lost.

A rustling sound startled me – the noise of thousands of tiny wings, beating in and out of time.

The West Pier Starlings, were returning home to roost.

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