The Two and Only Kelly Twins

The Two and Only Kelly Twins will help children discover what it’s like to be a twin.  The book is reviewed by Melissa G. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• This book introduces readers to Ilene and Arlene who are 7-year-old twins.
• The six chapters are related, but they each focus on a specific conflict or event.
• One of the twins has to go to the hospital to get her appendix removed.
• The twins’ friend, Monty, is the star of several other Johanna Hurwitz books.
• There are black and white, watercolor illustrations on almost every page.

SweetBook Summary:
Discover the ups and downs of being a twin, as you get to know second graders, Ilene and Arlene Kelly. They are identical twins who recognize how lucky they are to have each other. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no arguing! They may pick the same clothes to wear, but they can’t agree on a new pet. One wants a puppy, and one wants a kitten. These girls are lucky, though, their dad solves the problem when he brings home two ferrets. I have to admit that I won’t even let one ferret into my house! They even agree on the cutest names, Frankie and Fannie. Besides their new pets, the girls deal with typical elementary school issues like making new friends (who happen to be triplets), getting caught in a lie (saying they are triplets too), and deciding what to be for Halloween. They have the usual sibling arguments about who said it first or louder, but they also tackle some challenges that are unique to twins. They wonder if they would ever pretend to be each other, and they deal with their feelings about being apart, when Arlene spends a few days in the hospital. These girls are sweet and their world is innocent and timeless. The pleasing illustrations fit perfectly with the tone of the writing and add meaning to the story.

Author: Johanna Hurwitz Illustrator: Tuesday Mourning Published: 2013, 96 pages
Themes: Friendship, Holidays, Identity, and Siblings

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