There Are Incredible Stargazing Opportunities in July. Here’s When & How to See Them.

By Dustin Nelson for

If the lost boys of Hook were real, they’d definitely be saying “bangarang, Rufio” after checking out the list of stargazing possibilities in July. 

Lovely evening temperatures combined with a ton of night-sky activity — even if it’s not a month with major celestial events — make July a great month to be lying out under the stars. And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we should still be social distancing, and stargazing is a great activity to do at a distance. I ever thought I’d say stargazing is a viable alternative to going to the bar, but, you know, here we are.

In addition to conjunctions and oppositions, bright stars and a lunar eclipse, there are a couple of space events worth watching online. The second spacewalk at the International Space Station is taking place at the beginning of the month and Perseverance, NASA’s Mars 2020 rover, is scheduled to launch toward the red planet later this month.

Here are the stargazing and space events worth checking out in July. 

July 14 – Jupiter Flexes

This is the night when Jupiter will reach opposition. It’ll be as big and bright as it gets in Earth’s sky because it’s making its closest approach and is also in line with the Earth and sun. According to In the Sky, Jupiter will be visible almost the entire night.

July 20 – Saturn Reaches Its Brightest Night

Tonight, it’s Saturn’s turn to hit opposition, marking its brightest night of the year for viewers planted here on Earth. The ringed planet will be visible throughout the majority of the night. 

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