These Are the Chores Your Child Should Be Doing This Year Based on Their Age

by Alessia Santoro for

If you’re a mama who feels like she’s doing literally everything around the house, including picking up after your very capable kids, we know how you feel. It makes some parents feel guilty to give their children mundane responsibilities like taking out the garbage, and some moms follow the “if I do it, it’ll get done faster and better” mode of thinking. But the truth is, our children can — and probably should — handle more than we think.

We’re not suggesting you turn your child into a regular Mrs. Doubtfire, but there are a bunch of tasks around the house that can be completed by children based on their age. If you’re looking to set your kiddos up with a chore chart to help them learn about hard work and having responsibilities, there’s something every child can help with.

Scroll through for a list of manageable household chores for kids based on their age.

Ages 2-3

At this age, chores are a kind of code for being held accountable in the smallest way. While your kiddo is young, it’s important to not do every little thing for them so that getting them to help out when they’re older isn’t a losing battle. Here are some things they can help you or their older siblings with:

  • Put laundry in the hamper/washer.
  • Put their toys away.
  • Put books on the bookshelf.
  • Help feed the family pet.
  • Throw diapers into trash.
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