25 things your parents said to you (that you’ll probably say to your kids)


Ever experience déjà vu when speaking with your children? Our friends at Timbuktu are here to play back some of the parenting phrases we may say that we may have also heard from our own parents.

“Here’s something that keeps us connected to childhood: all the things our parents used to tell us when we were kids (that we probably disliked) that we’ll eventually repeat to our own children.

Are you already experiencing this cycle? We want to know what your leitmotifs are!

1) Don’t make me repeat myself!

2) You’re not going anywhere until you finish your meal.

3) Did you brush your teeth?

4) Deal with it.

5) Get in the car.

6) Go to your room.

7) I don’t care of what Carla’s mom thinks. If you do, ask Santa for another mom.

8 ) Are you done with your homework?

9) No TV tonight.

10) Stop it.

11) Hurry up!

12) Have some fruit.

13) Say “please.”

14) Say “thank you.”

15) Shush!

16) Stop hitting your sister!

17) What did your teacher say?

18) What did I tell you?

19) You’re just like your dad.

20) You’re just like your mom.

21) When I was your age…

22) I never had all these toys!

23) Give Grandma a kiss.

24) Say hello to Mr. Green.

25) You’ll understand when you have kids.”


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