This 6-Year-Old Is Melting Hearts For Teaching His Brother How to Breathe Through a Tantrum

By Victoria Messina

It took until my mid-20s to fully grasp the benefits of practicing breathing exercises in stressful situations, yet one now-viral kid has already mastered the concept at the young age of 6. A sweet boy by the name of Noah was recently captured calming down his 4-year-old brother, Cory, by teaching him how to use deep breathing to divert his meltdown.

In a 21-second clip first shared by their mom on Twitter, Noah instructs his whimpering sibling, “Breathe . . . again,” using his hands to demonstrate inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. At the end, Noah proudly pats Cory on the shoulder and says, “See? It helps you calm down.” Cleanup on aisle seven — we’ve got a puddle of melted heart on the floor, folks.

When their mother, Ashley, posted the adorable interaction on Twitter, she explained, “My four year old was about to have a whole tantrum and my 6 year old helped him manage his breathing so he could calm down…. I’d say I’m doing freaking alright.” She also shared some additional background on the source of Cory’s stress, for all who were inquiring: “Some of you asked why he was crying, he wanted to play the Nintendo — if you have kids or have been around any you know they think it’s fully charged after being plugged for only a millisecond… anyway it wasn’t and he started having a little meltdown til big bro intervened.”

In just two days, Ashley’s original video on Twitter amassed a whopping six million views and counting, and numerous social media accounts reposted it across other platforms, thus sharing Noah’s patient and healing ways far and wide. Mark my words: this boy is going places, and I fully intend on meeting him in said places down the line for my very own one-on-one breathing lesson. Lord knows I could use it these days.

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