Time Zones

Time Zones is a book that teaches children about the importance of time zones.  The book is reviewed by Melissa G. at Sweet on Books.

What you need to know:

• This book provides a very good, elementary introduction to time zones.
• It is filled with vibrant illustrations that help to deliver the message in an amusing way.
• This picture book is most appropriate for grades 3 to 5.
• Look for the time zone related project at the back of the book.
• Ed Miller, illustrator, organized The Spagheddie Art Group where friends volunteer their time painting murals at
New York City public schools and parks.
• The author refers to texting and instant messaging.
Time Zones would be an excellent addition to any classroom or library.

Sweet Book Summary:

If you’ve ever been lost for words explaining why you change the time on your watch when you travel, then this book is for you! It provides all the basics to shed some light on this important subject. Readers will realize that the simple question, “What time is it?”, isn’t really all that simple because the answer depends on where they are. They will learn why time zones were needed, who defined them, how they were determined (back in 1884!), and how they impact our lives today. As a related subject, readers will also touch upon the basic geometry of the circle. You can use Time Zones as a springboard for discussions about travel, history and the role that government plays in all areas of our lives. You can also create math problems to go along with the concepts presented.

Because time zones aren’t something that we can actually see, they can be tough to envision. Luckily for us, the illustrations and photos in this book provide us with a great visual representation. Kids will relate to Miller’s computer-generated illustrations, which feel very “current” and are especially engaging. Each page is filled with color, action and even a few silly martians!

Exposing young people to books like this one, encourages them to see beyond their small community to the larger world around them. In addition to a great learning experience, Time Zones can be a fun way to prepare your kids for their next vacation. There’s even a time zone-related project at the back of the book. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to review this topic yourself – I know I was reminded of a few things I had forgotten!

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