Tips to Keep your Kids Safe Online

It’s a big world out there, and thanks to the Internet, we can experience all of it at our fingertips. And while it’s exciting, parents have every right to be concerned about the time their children spend on the Internet, and what they are doing online.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe online.

Spend time with your children online. Keep the computer in a central location, so that you can monitor your child’s activity online. Bringing a computer into, say, the kitchen or family living room offers children and parents to interact and discuss what they are seeing and doing on the Internet.

Get familiar with parental controls. Limit what your children can and can’t do on the Internet.

Never share a password. Teach your kids early on that their password is theirs and theirs only. Sharing a password can open the doors to lots of things – including online bullying.

Set rules. Different families may wish to have different rules about the Internet. But some might be: Never put a photo online. Don’t use your name online. Don’t share with strangers.

Teach kids about “stranger danger.” Everyone is anonymous on the Internet. Teach kids people may not be who they say they are on the Internet. Conversely, if you child thinks he is anonymous, he may in fact not be at all

The important thing to remember is that the Internet can be a wonderful tool for your children to learn, explore and create. Keeping them off the Internet may not be an option, but teaching them ways to stay safe online will last a lifetime.

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