Trailblazing Golfer With Down Syndrome Taught Her Dad an Important Lesson

By Yael Meshulam for

Despite what those around you may claim, you know your kids better than anyone. You know their strengths, their capabilities, and the fact that they’re so much more than a label the world tries to stick on their back. For people like Amy Bockerstette, being born with Down syndrome means that you’re told from day one what you can and can’t do. But as Amy reminds us, supposed limitations are meant to be gloriously surpassed.

Amy and her dad Joe revel in their time on the golf course. It’s an opportunity for them to bond, spend time together, and soak up their shared passion for the sport. Nicknamed “Amazing Amy,” the athlete inspires both on and off the golf course. Starting, incredibly, with her very own home.

“You know, you go through early grieving about what you’ve given up with your child with a disability,” Joe explained. “What I’ve subsequently learned is, that was pretty silly. The lesson there is you just can’t put limits on people there. It was ridiculous for me to think that Amy couldn’t achieve what she’s achieved.”

As long as Amy continues to golf, her dad will be by her side. Like any dad, Joe wanted to give his daughter the freedom to pursue her dreams, supporting her along the way. Joe’s unwavering encouragement helped Amy achieve things previously considered impossible – and just as importantly, Amy continues to show others that they can do the same.

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