Two thirds of all students are failing to achieve reading proficiency!


It is vital that children build a strong foundation in literacy before fourth grade.  Shockingly, 2 out 3 students are failing to achieve proficiency in this essential skill. Here’s more from the Washington Post:

Learning to read by the end of third grade is crucial, those who study early childhood education say, because that’s the point at which children start using reading to learn other subjects. Those who are proficient in reading by the end of third grade are much more likely to graduate from high school, and to be economically successful as adults.

But about two-thirds of students in fourth grade don’t meet reading proficiency standards, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the National Center for Education Statistics. And those numbers are much higher for students who come from low-income households.

Four of every five students who come from low-income households don’t meet reading proficiency requirements, a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation finds… That’s not to say students who come from wealthier homes are doing particularly well: More than half of all high-income students fall short of reading proficiency

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