Usain Bolt donates all his $20 million Olympic earnings to his school



Following his return to Jamaica from the Rio Olympics 2016, the gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt donated all the $20 million he earned in the Olympics to his high school William Knibb Memorial in Falmouth, Jamaica.

According to the Jamaica Press, this is to help the athletic programme of the school as the programme was in danger due to financial cuts.

The champion athlete, who has the record of winning 9 gold medals in three Olympics, has also promised to visit the school once a month from next year to help with the athletic training of the students.

“William Knibb player an integral role in the athlete that I am today so anytime they call, or anything I can do to give it back. I am more than happy,’ told Usain Bolt to the Jamaica Press.

Bolt set a world record here as well as he became the first athlete to make a donation in full cash.

“He sets records both on track and in humanitarian works,” the head of the school said while thanking Bolt.

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