Using all six skills to learn to read produces pride!

Motivation is crucial as children learn to read. Here’s what Heather has to say about the enjoyment her daughter receives playing and learning with Lingo and company at the Reading Kingdom:

“[My daughter] Firefly LOVED the program so much that any time I asked her to work on the computer (doing Reading Kingdom), she’d stick with doing Reading Kingdom for an hour or more, just to make the next level, then the next, and so on. She never felt like it was too difficult or boring…she just plain loved it.

I know this is not very specific, but there was a lot to like about Reading Kingdom. I liked how there was an introductory evaluation to see where your child needed to be placed within the program. It seemed right on for Firefly’s abilities. The work was never too difficult nor was it so simple that she got bored or wanted to quit before completing a section. Her older siblings (Cowboy and Ladybug) helped her through the first few lessons, but after that, she worked quite well on her own. As the teacher, I also liked how the program covers all six skills needed for reading and writing success.

Firefly just loved the program. I loved how she’d crack up at the funny animations, and every time she achieved a new certificate/award for her progress, she was so proud.” – Heather Drinkwater

Kids feel a major sense of pride once they see that they can learn to read independently. Share the pride felt by the thousands of parents and teachers already using Reading Kingdom and click here for a free 30 day trial of our online reading program.