A virtual reading tutor that teaches kids to read!

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Maureen from Simply Stacie has discovered Reading Kingdom and the literacy wonders that our magical land entails! Here’s what she had to say about our online reading program and game:

“In my opinion, what makes Reading Kingdom an exceptional program for use with my children is that it expands on the traditional phonics method to teach words that cannot be sounded out phonemically (the majority of words in the English language). In fact, my six year old son has wisely questioned me in the past asking, “Why can’t I sound out so many of the words in my book…that doesn’t make sense?” With Reading Kingdom…..learning to read finally “makes sense” to him.

All three of my children are using Reading Kingdom and since it is a customized program it is adaptable to their particular needs. When starting the program, the child will take a Skills Assessment which identifies their abilities in pre-reading, reading and writing. Once the skills are assessed, it will start the child at the appropriate level. While the program is challenging, I appreciate that the material is not overly frustrating but instead promotes their strengths and helps them to overcome any weaknesses that are exhibited during completion of the lessons. This virtual tutoring technique promotes their self esteem and encourages them to actually want to complete their daily lessons.

…While my children use this program independently, I do occasionally sit in as a passive observer. As a mom and an educator, I feel a great sense of pride observing my children actively engaged in this program as I watch their confidence soar when they “master” a skill.

…All three of my children report that they “love Reading Kingdom because it is a lot of fun”. In fact, with adorable animal characters and engaging activities, they often don’t even realize that Reading Kingdom is a learning program. They consider it to be a fun game that they are “playing”. It effectively holds their attention and they ask me to complete at least one lesson per day.” — Maureen Ruble

Would your children benefit from a virtual reading tutor as Maureen’s have? Of course they would! Sign up for the Reading Kingdom and get your first 30 days free!