If You Want to Raise Good Kids, Harvard Researchers Suggest These 7 Tips

By Alessia Santoro for popsugar.com


Every parent wants to raise a good kid — someone who is caring, understanding, polite, ethical — but your little ones can’t do it alone; they need help and guidance from the adults in their lives. According to human development researchers at Harvard, there are some guidelines supported by research studies that parents can look to for help raising a caring child, as well as seven tips to help put it all into action.

Spend time with your kids regularly and engage in meaningful conversation.

By spending time with kids regularly, they will learn to be caring and loving by example — show affection, take a genuine interest in their life, encourage their efforts and praise their accomplishments, ask open-ended questions to foster meaningful conversation, support them endlessly. A positive and respectful relationship between you and your kids will show them what good relationships look like so they can emulate that with others.

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