6 ways to get your child ready for kindergarten

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As a parent or guardian, there are many helpful activities that you can do to get your child ready for kindergarten so that your child enters this new stage of life confident and well-prepared. Here are my top recommendations.

6 ways to get your child ready for kindergarten

  1. Teach diligence
    By “diligence” I mean the skill that enables your child to willingly and ably sit and work quietly when adult direction is given, even if the task is boring. See this learning tip post more on how to develop diligence.

  3. Get child to listen to language
    For example, regularly sit and read, or tell, stories that your child listens to.

  5. Teach your child motor skills necessary for writing and drawing
    Offer hand support –neglected but important (a key in RK—and need to get parents to accept this)—fine motor skills are late in developing and the support helps them get over some of the major obstacles

  7. Play games like “Simon Says”
    Did you ever play Simon says when you were a kid? It’s where one player is ‘Simon’ who issues instructions to the other players, but the instructions should be followed only if precede by the phrase ‘Simon says’. The ability to distinguish between valid and invalid commands requires attention, concentration and impulse control—all great things in school—and in life.

  9. Encourage physical activity for sustained periods of  15 to 30 minutes.
    Taking walks, riding a bike, or climbing does wonders for attention, calm, and general well-being.

  11. Help child learn to express self in well-constructed sentences
    Start a sentence that your child has to complete and then have your child say the whole thing, such as, “In the morning, after I get up, I ….”

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