Top 5 ways to keep kids entertained during a holiday road trip

Traveling with children is sometimes hard, especially during the holiday season. With so many
people traveling to visit relatives, the roads are often busy and jammed, which makes even a
short trip longer. It can be quite stressful for parents and kids as well. How do you keep your
kids entertained during these road trips?

keep kids entertained, how to keep kids entertained on a trip Let them prepare their own entertainment bag

By bringing the items they love most (toys, plush dolls, etc.), kids will feel important and
comfortable. Have a surprise bag for each child. It can be their favorite snack, dessert, holiday coloring book, balloons or anything else that they don’t get every day. Put it in the car while they are asleep and hand it to them during the trip.

Play Fun games

There are lots of fun games that both parents and children can enjoy:

  • Count game:
  • Choose a specific item to count, like red trucks or cows. The person who counts the
    most wins at the end of the trip. It is also a good math game. You can even count the decorated
    Christmas trees you find. Again, don’t forget to give a prize to the winner and participation
    prizes for the other participants!

  • Sign Reading game:
  • Each time you see a sign, help your child read the letters and message, and
    have them explain what the sign means.

    Sing holiday songs

    Celebrate this joyful season with holiday songs. All the family members can sing together. If you
    are tired from singing, you can put a CD and sing along. These moments can be recorded with
    your camera (if you have one). It will be a great holiday souvenir!

    Invent stories

    Let the children be creative. One child can choose an item on the road and tell a story about it.
    The other child can take over and build up another goofy story. Let them have fun and imagine
    whatever they want. For example when they see a cow, they can imagine that it has wings and
    becomes a birdie! The birdie will reach Santa Claus and help deliver gifts to little ones.

    Bring a portable DVD Player

    Listening to their favorite holiday movie can make them feel comfortable and even get some of
    the children to sleep. Make sure to bring headsets so the little one can sleep easily.

    Playing with the kids during a road trip is a very precious moment for the whole family. Enjoy these
    moments and happy traveling!