We’re proud to see children learn to read!

There’s no question that Reading Kingdom is successfully teaching kids to read.  Tess is the latest mom to find out just how easily children can learn to read when all six skills of literacy success are utilized.

“My daughter, Supergirl, loves the program.  ‘I’m reading!’  She always chooses 1 to 3 activities for review after she has finished her lesson for the day.  I was skeptical though.  Was she really reading?  Was she really making progress?  Would what she ‘read’ on the computer screen translate to reading on paper?

Well I tested her.

Using words introduced through Reading Kingdom, I created several sentences for her to read.  Sentences such as ‘The girls are not here.’, ‘I like to talk.’, ‘I like to eat but she does not.’ and ‘Who likes to swim?’  The look on her face was priceless.  She was so excited.  ‘I can read!  I can read!  Can I show Daddy?’ … it was clear that yes, this program is working.  She is retaining the knowledge and transferring it from the program to paper.” — Tess Hamre

Enjoy a proud family moment when your child shouts “I can read!”. It all begins with signing them up for a free 30 day trial of the Reading Kingdom. We hope to see you soon in our magical land of literacy!