What more can be done to help homeless students?

By Juan Perez Jr. for politico.com

WHAT MORE CAN WE DO?’ — More than 1 million homeless students were enrolled in America’s public schools last year. But untold numbers of them are missing from the system today, and they may be losing out on an enormous amount of federal pandemic relief aid. A bipartisan group of alarmed lawmakers is setting up a debate over how to give needy kids more government assistance, and how that money gets spent.

— Katie Danielson, a homeless student coordinator in Minnesota, has been considering how she’d help her charges with a new stream of stimulus dollars from the American Rescue Plan. She’s also been thinking about how her students in Duluth Public Schools will fare now if they missed out on remote learning, perhaps because they lacked consistent access to devices or web connections, and wondering if they’ll have to make up course credits to graduate on time.

— “I don’t know if we can even project what that’s going to look like a year or two from now,” Danielson said of her students’ future. “There’s so many worries and ‘what if’s, which I don’t know if people who make the decisions have really thought about.”

— “I think our population of students is never part of that equation,” she added. “And it is hard. It is emotional. I love and care for all my students and my families. And sometimes you just feel like, ‘What more can we do?’”

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