When is the best time to begin to teach your child to read?

Usually, the best time to begin to teach your child to read is when they are around 4 or 5 years old. But age is not the most relevant determining factor.  Here are the key questions to ask yourself in determining if your child is ready to read.

  1. Can my child regularly sit and carry out school like activities for 15 minutes at a time?
    This ability indicates that your child has the necessary patience to begin to learn to read. There is no reason to push your child to learn if he or she does not yet have this patience,
  2. Does my child consistently speak in sentences?
    Speaking in sentence indicates that the necessary language is present.
  3. Can my child match shapes?
    Matching shapes indicates that the necessary visual skills are present.
  4. Can my child hold crayons or magic markers to create drawings?
    Holding crayons and being able to make basic drawings indicates that the necessary motor skills are present.

If your child possesses these few essential skills then he or she is ready to read!

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