Why Kids Are Angrier Right Now, And What Parents Can Do About It

By Kate Auletta for huffpost.com

There’s no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our behaviors and mental health in a variety of telling ways. Kids are clearly feeling the stress of the moment; some are becoming clingier and others are regressing in various behaviors, from bed-wetting to sleep struggles. One of the more disturbing and frustrating behavioral changes might also be anger.

Some kids might have been prone to tantrums or other aggressive behavior pre-lockdown, while others might be experiencing a newfound inability to self-regulate. So what’s “normal” among kids right now?

“Yes, kids are angry,” said Becky Kennedy, a New York-based clinical psychologist who also has an action-backed Instagram account @drbeckyathome. “They are angry that their worlds have been turned upside down; they are angry that they can’t see their friends and attend real school; they are angry that their parents are around more than ever but are stressed and unavailable most of the time. None of this is a parent’s fault and yet, still, children have the right to be angry about all of these things.”

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