Why this mom chooses customized reading software for kids

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Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews was excited to try a customized reading software for kids and thought that Reading Kingdom sounded like a great fit. Here’s what she had to say about the time her daughter, Juliette spent using the Reading Kingdom online literacy program for kids.

“I love the way that the program helps your little learner with computer skills, teaching them to use not only the keyboard, typing on specific letters, but also the mouse, clicking on different things on the screen. Juliette – who very rarely goes on the computer – at first struggled with finding the letters and the space bar but within minutes, she could find her way around the keyboard, helped by the online prompts whenever she did get stuck…. Juliette found the exercises great fun and asked if she could “play” (her word) again on a nightly basis…. I love the fact that the program is personalized to suit each individual child.
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The bright colours and cute graphics, simple exercises that really build up your child’s confidence and short time span of each session so that kids won’t get bored, are all huge plus points. Juliette’s reading has started coming on in leaps and bounds at school over the past few weeks!”
Juliette practicing the online customized reading software for kids, Reading Kingdom

We’re always glad to hear about another happy parent! If you want to give your children the gift of literacy this year, remember the only program that uses six key skills needed for reading and writing success. The Reading Kingdom customized reading software for kids!