Why should children learn to write when learning to read?


Reading Kingdom helps children learn to read, and also helps them learn to write.  A parent recently asked Reading Kingdom: ‘Why does your program begin by teaching typing skills?”

Reading Kingdom answered:

“That is an excellent question. Reading Kingdom requires a basic level of competency in using the keyboard because the program is based, in part, on the idea that learning to write is essential to learning to read.

Research shows that teaching writing and reading together is far more effective than teaching reading alone. For example, it has been found that teaching a child to write a word accurately only 2 times is as effective in facilitating word recognition as reading the same word 9 times. In other words, reading fluency is attained much faster via writing.

To write successfully, students need to have mastered the physical skills involved in creating written words. With paper and pencil material, this means handwriting; with computers, this means keyboarding. Fortunately, for young children, keyboarding does not entail their having to use all ten fingers. A single finger is enough. But the movements of that finger must be guided by teaching which leads the children to have a solid sense of the keyboard layout. With that mental map in place, hunting and pecking vanishes to be replaced by smooth, accurate movements on any keys they need.

That is why Reading Kingdom offers an integrated system for teaching children the skills for recognizing and selecting the letters they need to produce for effective spelling and writing. This segment teaches upper and lower case letters, as well as the beginnings of punctuation. The payoff for this small effort is enormous!”

Writing and reading are indeed skills that reinforce and compliment one another!

Reading Kingdom helps children learn to write as they learn to read. With our unique program, they’ll have all the tools they’ll build a strong foundation in literacy. Learn more about our unique approach and sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom today!