Say What? Words you probably don’t know

Building an awesome vocabulary is a life-long pursuit. Here are 3 words that you can add to your arsenal.



(im-PAV-id): adj. from Latin impravidus, from in- (not) and pavidus (fearful): not afraid; fearless.
It’s natural to have some fear, like the type of fear that protects you from touching a hot stove or playing in traffic. But if you find that fear consumes you or even stops you from pursuing what’s in your heart, then that fear needs to be escorted to the closest exit door. Impavid is probably my favorite word because it’s a great approach to life. It also doesn’t sound too weird so you can incorporate it in your everyday vocabulary and not sound too stuffy.


(skuhl-DUHG-uh-ree): n from Scottish sculduddery: underhand dealing; trickery
Imagine the look on your sister’s face when you find your sweater in her closet and shout “Skulduggery!” She probably wouldn’t know exactly what face to make. Skulduggery is an obscure word, but for no real reason. It sounds so much more indignant than “trickery”— which sounds like a word Dora the Explorer would say. Skulduggery really packs a punch and gets the point across.

(AG-uh-thist): n. from Greek-derived agath- (good): a person who believes all things tend toward ultimate good.
Sometimes I memorize new words by remembering clues. When I first came across this word I thought of Agatha Christie. If you don’t know who Agatha Christie is, you should. Anyway, then I thought, “It’s good to solve crimes. Therefore Agatha = Agathist”. My next thought was Agathist reminds me of Optimist, and they have similar meaning. If that doesn’t work, think of one bubbly hopeful person you know in your life and repeat. “_________ is such an agathist” 10x.

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