How the World Works: A Hands-On Guide to Our Amazing Planet


How the World Works teaches children about our planet.  The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• This non-fiction picture book is jam-packed with interesting facts about our planet.
• Because it is so full of information, each page is crowded with interesting things, it would not be conducive to a large group read-aloud. Think The Magic School Bus on steroids.
• This is one of those titles that can be read a little at a time. At a deceiving page count of 18, it will take multiple reading to get through all the information in this book.
• A wonderful primer to teach how our world works, to then better understand how we can preserve it. Perfect for Earth Day.

Sweet Book Summary:
Is the Earth moving beneath our feet? Why does it rain? Why does weather change? Why does the sea move? These are just some of the questions this cool new title by Christian Dorion attempts to answer. Dorion explains these complex questions and answers in an intellectual yet child-friendly way. Illustrator Beverley Young’s accompanying illustrations are also informative but not intimidating.

Clearly these are large questions that can’t really be dumbed down, But Dorion/Young do a great job of making the information accessible. On the page about evolution, they are quite careful to remain neutral, thus allowing room for parents to insert their own beliefs.

I especially like this as an Earth Day title. That may seem obvious, but so many Earth Day titles are about being green, they are not really describing to our children the background of how this earth actually works. And for the young children who have just arrived on our planet, titles about saving it don’t make much sense unless we explain to them how the Earth works. So think of this as a nice first course – to be read before all the wonderful conservation titles coming out. I wish we had all these “green” books when I was teaching environmentalism to my students ten years ago!

Author: Christian Dorion Illustrator: Beverly Young Published: 2010, 18 pages
Themes: Science, Non-Fiction, Environmentalism

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